Abby’s just got even better! Now you can get a little sweet & salty with your dessert! Abby’s is now the #1 Ellijay Popcorn Shop making fresh popcorn every day! If you love good popcorn, or if you’re looking for a good snack, be sure to stop by Abby’s in Downtown Ellijay for some fresh Amish style popcorn!

Here at Abby’s, we don’t just make popcorn, we make the BEST Popcorn! Each fresh batch of popcorn is served right from the movie-theater style kettle and made using the following quality ingredients and practices:

Ellijay Popcorn Shop – Quality Ingredients and Best Practices

  • Amish Country Baby White Popcorn Kernels – These baby white kernels pop nice and small without the hassle of getting it all stuck in your teeth. Our kernels are part of the Verified Non-GMO Project and Certified Kosher.
  • Cooked with Coconut Oil – We pop each fresh batch of popcorn in our high quality Coconut Oil for a healthy and and flavorful mix!
  • Topped with Ball Park Butter Salt Seasoning – When we mix in our Ball Park butter salt seasoning,┬áthe end result will remind you of being at the moves or your favorite ball game.

Abby’s Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt is not just your favorite local dessert place, now it’s your #1 Ellijay Popcorn Shop! If you’re looking for a fun experience in Ellijay and need something to snack on, visit the brand new Ellijay Popcorn Shop!