Abby’s Ice Cream is now the place to get Ellijay Hot Dogs! For years, we have been serving delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt, and now we also started to serve hot dogs in Ellijay!

Hot Dogs in Ellijay
Hot Dogs in Ellijay

In addition to now having Hot Dogs, Abby’s also has Candy, Potato Chips, Popcorn, Water, Drinks, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Coffee with Ice Cream, as well as Ellijay Shirts, Hats, and more!

You Will Love These Ellijay Hot Dogs!

To serve our customers betters, and to provide the best hot dog experience, we offer steamed all beef hot dogs! When you have one of these hot dogs with some chips and ice cream, you will love it! Abby’s Hot Dogs are a great option that is quick, easy, and at a great cost. We would love to serve you here at Abby’s Ice Cream!

While you’re here at Abby’s, be sure to also try our new Nitro Cold Brew Coffee! Abby’s Ice Cream has been in downtown Ellijay for years now, and we absolutely love our customers! It’s such a blessing to see all of you who keep coming back! Our heart is to continue to serve you and provide an amazing experience while you’re here.

Hot Dogs was not always something that we thought about doing, but with all the feedback we have received, and requests to offer a food option, we decided to make it Hot Dogs! And, we really didn’t want to go with the cheapest ones, so we are doing All Beef Hot Dogs and premium buns. We also steam our hot dogs to make sure that they are served hot and juicy!